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「Asamatsu Ken

Born in 1956 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Graduated Toyo University, entering employment at a publishing company.

Debut work was Makyo no Gen'ei (Phantom of the Devil Cult), in 1986. I continue to be active in a wide range of activities, including writing extensively in the weird historical and horror genres.

While remaining extremely interested in the Cthulhu Mythos, lately I have been concentrating on weird historicals set in the Muromachi period (1333-1573).

In 2005 was a candidate for the annual award of the Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc. in the short story genre, for my Higashiyamadono Oniwa (Higashiyamadono Villa Garden).

I have also made considerable contribution to Japanese fiction as an anthologist, proposing a number of collections successfully published in Japan. The Lairs of the Hidden Gods, which won high praise in the original Japan, is now available from Kurodahan Press.

My novel Senpuden (Tales of the Whirlwind) is being serialized on the web by publisher Gentosha as "Bushido," with art by Hiromoto Shin'ichi (see

My website can be found at

★Kurodahan Press books by Asamatsu Ken:

◎Night Voices, Night Journeys: Lairs of the Hidden Gods volume 1 (editor)

◎Inverted Kingdom: Lairs of the Hidden Gods volume 2 (editor)

◎Straight to Darkness: Lairs of the Hidden Gods volume 3 (editor)

◎City of the Dreaming God: Lairs of the Hidden Gods volume 4 (editor)」








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